Epic JE 35523 (1978)
Sony Tropical CDL 81530/2-469743
(released in the "Leyendas/Legends"
* Lucumí, macumba, voodoo
Spirit Of Love
* Colombia te canto

Mi Congo te llama (medley)
     - Prayer To Ozaín
     - Theme To Ozaín
     - Letras Of Ozaín
* Highest Good
(* composed or co-composed by Eddie Palmieri)
Piano, Leader, Vocals,
Timbales, Güiro
: Eddie Palmieri
Piano, Organ, Percussion : Charlie Palmieri
Conga, Batá, Clave, Vocals : Francisco Aguabella
Timbales : Charlie Cotto
Bongó, Campana : Tommie 'Chuckie' López
Clave, Bass Tom-Tom : Rubin Maldinardo
Percussion, Cuica, Chocalho : Don Um Romao
Drums, Percussion, Vocals : Bobby Colomby
Bass, Guitar : Francisco Centeño
Upright Electric Bass : Sal Cuevas
Bass Guitar : Neil Stubenhaus
Guitar : Hiram Bullock
Electric Guitar : Steve Khan
Synthesizer, Clavinet : Clifford Carter
Trumpet, Flugelhorn : John Faddis, Lew Soloff, Alan Rubin
Trumpet, Cello : Charlie Camilleri
Trumpet : Alfredo 'Chocolate' Armenteros
Alto Sax, Flute : George Young
Tenor Sax, Flute : Lou Orenstein
Baritone Sax, Clarinet : Ronnie Cuber
Tuba : Tony Price
Cello : Kermit Moore, Jesse Levy, Tony Sophos
Double Bass, Cello : Homer Mensch
Singers : Luisito Ayala, Rafael de Jesús, Jimmy Sabater,
Lani Groves, Vivian Cherry, Gwen Guthrie,
Frank Floyd, Zachery Saunders,
Raymond Simpson