Concord Picante CCD-2276-2 (2005)
* In Flight
Listen Here
* Vals con bata
* Tema para Eydie
  Tin tin deo
  In Walked Bud
* La gitana
Nica's Dream
* Mira Flores
* EP Blues
(* composed or co-composed by Eddie Palmieri)
Piano, Leader : Eddie Palmieri
Trumpet : Brian Lynch
Trombone : Conrad Herwig, Doug Beavers
Alto Sax : Donald Harrison
Bass : John Benítez (except on "Listen Here" and "Mira Flores")
Drums : Horacio 'El Negro' Hernández
Congas : Giovanni Hidalgo
Violin : Regina Carter (on "In Flight" and "Nica's Dream")
Tenor Sax : Michael Brecker (on "Listen Here" and "Mira Flores")
Bass : Christian McBride (on "Listen Here" and "Mira Flores")
Tenor Sax : David Sanchez (on "Vals con bata" and "Tin tin deo")
Electric Guitar : John Scofield (on "Vals con bata")
Acoustic Guitar : John Scofield (on "La gitana")
Trumpet : Nicholas Payton (on "Nica's Dream" and "EP Blues")